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Volunteers are our Lifeline


You can help Lifeline sell more reusable products by volunteering at a Lifeline Shop, at one of our warehouses or at a special event like a Clothing Sale or the well known Lifeline Bookfest.

Volunteers are vital to the work of the Lifeline Shops and make up the majority of Lifeline’s Business employees. Volunteering is also a great way to meet new people, learn retail skills, put your own skills to use and have fun.

Lifeline encourages young people to consider volunteering at a Lifeline Shop or special event. We recognise that young people have unique needs and expectations and desire variety, challenge, fun and flexibility.

The Lifeline Shops in Queensland generally require a regular volunteer commitment of at least 4 hours per fortnight.

Special events such as Bookfests and Clothing Sales are held once or twice a year in many regions, offering flexible volunteering opportunities. These events always need volunteers to help set up and pack down and offer jobs such as cashier, pricer and sorter.

Contact us to volunteer

For more information on volunteering, email UnitingCare Community's volunteer [at] uccommunity [dot] org [dot] au (subject: Interested%20in%20volunteering) (Volunteer Management team )or see our Volunteering page.