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We welcome donations - big or small!


Donating your reusable pre-loved items gives someone else the opportunity to purchase something you no longer want or need while providing us the opportunity to raise funds to run free support services in the community. This circular process also means that when you're after something high quality and affordable, the Lifeline Shop will always be there to help. It's a win-win-win situation!

It's important to donate correctly.

The first rule of donating is making sure it is of reasonalbe quality and can be resold in our Shops. We sell a HUGE variety of items in our Shops - too many to list here.

But remember there are certain items that cannot be accepted these include torn or stained mattresses; broken lounges or broken furniture; ovens, dishwashers, cots or vertical blinds and most electrical products.

To donate small items, place them inside your nearest Lifeline clothing bin or drop them into your local LIfeline Shop during opening hours. To donate large items, call your local area warehouse to learn the closest drop-off point or to arrange a collection.

Please bear this in mind - if you leave donated items outside the Lifeline Shop or outside the donation bins - 99% of the time these items could be stollen or damaged by the weather and then we have to throw them away.

You can ring your nearest Lifeline warehouse for information on Lifeline Bin locations or to arrange a furniture pick up.

Your donations help fund Lifeline’s 24 Hour 13 11 14 Crisis Support Line, Suicide Prevention Services and the Lifeline Community Recovery program.

Donation enquiries / pick up:

Brisbane                    07 3632 1010
                                   lifelinepickup [dot] bris [at] uccommunity [dot] org [dot] au
Bundaberg                 07 4151 8800
Central Queensland   07 4922 7035
Fraser                        07 4122 9000
Gladstone                  07 4970 1600
Gold Coast                 07 5510 4500
Rockhampton             07 4930 7322
Ipswich                      07 3816 9633
Sunshine Coast         07 5409 1400
Caboolture                 07 5431 4860

What you can do with your old analogue tv's?

The following websites have recylcing options: