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UnitingCare Community operates Lifeline Bookfest events throughout Queensland to help raise funds for the Lifeline 24-hour Crisis Line, Lifeline Suicide Bereavement Groups, the Lifeline post-disaster support program Community Recovery, and UnitingCare Community services across the state. Read more about UnitingCare Community services.

Where is your closest Lifeline Bookfest?

The next Bookfest events are in this order! Bundaberg (27-28 September) and Caboolture (27-29 September). Click on the locations below to find out more!

Lifeline Bookfest events are held at:

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Stay updated about the latest details, sales and other exciting Bookfest news. Become our friend at www.facebook.com/LifelineBookfestQLD or follow us on Twitter - @Bookfest